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The Railway City Music and Arts Festival continues to take shape and evolves as new ideas come to the table. In addition to the main stage, we have a secondary "Community Stage" on the other side of the park.


This stage is intended to give fledgling artists an opportunity to perform publicly and will operate from 9AM to 9PM. 

Try out some new twists on the music you already play, take requests, or even improvise! Think of it like a campfire session - just without the smoke following you wherever you sit! Is the main stage too big for you? Feel more comfortable on solid earth and want to just do your thing?


Busking is welcome throughout the festival grounds as well, so long as you’re being mindful of others!


Feel free to pass this on to any artists/groups you know that may be interested as well - all genres and skill levels are welcome!

If you are interested in booking a set, apply below:

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