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Featured Artisans 

  • "A lifelong appreciator of art who got a late start. Inspired by photos I have taken through the years to create & share fine art with others."
  • Creating bright colorful art to add joy to your home & heart 
Cathy Horvath Buchanan Art (1).jpg
  • Dennis has been creating art of some form for his whole life and has been painting and sculpting professionally for over 30 years. His works are in a variety of media and styles, usually inspired by real-life experiences.
dennis k.jpg
dennis k.jpg 3.jpg
Romantic Designs Featured Artists:
Daniel Brassard
daniel brassard.jpg
daniel brassard.jpg2.jpg
Denis Hayes
Emma Barnes 
Marjolaine Campeau
Daniel Couture
Frederoca Head
Wm Veeken
Hong (Kira) Xiao
Peter Bloch-Hansen
Wendy Jennings
Shawn DeNeire
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