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FreeWill Donations will collect donations for Veterans and Everyday Heroes Friday


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Fire Extinguishers For Cindy / Cindy's Law

MADD will have a booth Saturday for:


Cindy Devine was a talented musician and a loving mother. She was involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver. Cindy was trapped in her car, it caught fire just before emergency crews arrived and she was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving behind her husband, Richard, and their four children. Cindy's Law is a push for legislation that will make it mandatory for drivers in Ontario to keep a fire extinguisher in their vehicles at all times, similar to laws already in place for commercial vehicles, school buses and boats. Fire Extinguishers for Cindy strives to put fire extinguishers in the hand of less fortunate people where a fire extinguisher is a luxury. Money raised will go to do just that and to help fund the awareness campaign to make Cindy's Law happen. On April 14th, there will be a benefit concert "Devine Thursday" at Eastsides Bar and Grill in London featuring, Bobnoxious, The Brad Gibb All Star Band, Heart Attack Kids, Brother Time and Aaron Allen. This is a cause that is close to the heart of Bob Reid (Bobnoxious) as he was first on the scene and was with Cindy when she passed. 


Sunday donations will go to:




In Memory Of Branden Petit


Branden’s Story:

The LID UP campaign was created in memory of Branden Pettit, our 15-year-old nephew who lost his life due to a tragic skateboarding accident. Our goal is to spread helmet awareness to all recreational activities where head injuries are an inherent risk. We accept donations of helmets and money to go towards purchasing helmets for anyone in need.

If you would are able to donate helmets please message us. Your contributions may save someone’s life!


The Lidup Team

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